Gaia will be launching from Miami, Florida in January 2017.

Our first destination will be the Bahamian island chain, where we'll spend a few days or weeks exploring (and working out Gaia's kinks!).  As the 2017 season progresses, Gaia will head south along the eastern edge of the Caribbean, aiming for Trinidad & Tobago for early spring.  Afterward, we'll head west, deeper into the Caribbean along the coast of South America, eventually targeting the gorgeous Bocas del Toro region of Panama before heading through the canal and out into the Pacific.


From there, Polynesia, Oceania and the Indian Ocean await, as Gaia slowly makes her way 'round in an eventual circumnavigation.  Stay tuned for more details, more maps, and more adventures.

 Year one / The Caribbean

Year two / South Pacific

Year three/Indian Ocean


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